Monday, October 18, 2010

anyone read these books?

i was catching up on my blog reading today and holly over at create*loves mentioned this book called real food: what to eat and why by nina planck.  it intrigues me.  anyone read it?  have opinions about it?  i have already read michael pollan's book in defense of food.  i liked it and the information insides seems to make sense to me.

friends in seoul are really into this book at the moment: clean by alejandro junger.  she swears by it.  any thoughts on this one?

pipe up peeps...let me know what you think...

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  1. From Amazon....“Clean is a masterpiece of healing... Dr. Junger shows us how we don’t have to suffer any longer, nor feel tired, sick and weighed down with the sludge of modern life. You will discover that you didn’t know how badly you felt, once you have gotten Clean.” (Mark Hyman, MD, Author of the New York Times best-seller The UltraMind Solution )

    Dr Hyman is the doctor in MA who has the website this is the website i used to get my diet straight and feel tons better.