Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday dining--all around goodness

we began the day meeting a friend for lunch at the living room cafe down in BKK on street 306.  i just love this place.  paul always seems to groan when i mention it b/c i always suggest it.  we went there quite a bit when we first landed here, so i think he is a bit over it.  i am obsessed with anything roasted pumpkin here and especially when it comes with feta cheese....YUM!  when we first arrived, they had an roasted pumpkin and feta tart that was uh-mazing on their weekly specials menu.  i ordered it every time.  since it is not on special anymore, i have found a likely #2.  a roasted pumpkin with feta sandwich........wowzers!  it is sooo good.  the living room relish that comes with is oh so yummy too.  today, paul ordered an omelette with bacon, cheese and bell peppers.  he had an iced latte to drink.  i ordered an iced chai latte which was not that good.  the cafe itself has great ambiance and quite the chill atmosphere.  i am a huge fan!

for dinner, we went to ocean on street 288 also in BKK.  wow!  we had heard great things about this place, but never have seemed to make it over there.  we had attempted a few times only to find out they don't open until 6pm.  so tonight we made it happen.  they immediately got points b/c they let me try all the white wines by the glass before deciding which one i wanted to have.  we ordered beef carpaccio as a starter.  it was good--probably the best in PP so far.  it was very citrusy and peppery.  the beef was of good quality which is key to a good carpaccio.  for dinner, paul ordered the shrimp plate---it came with grilled shrimp, mashed potatoes and green beans.  i ordered the spaghetti with pesto.  yummy!  we definitely plan to go here again.  the best part is the owner, we think, came over when he brought the bill and offered a free liqueur on the house.  we chose limoncello which was super nice.  neither one of us have had it before.  the vibe here is clean and contemporary.....they have a great space and it is clean and quiet.    a nice end to a restful weekend.

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