Saturday, September 25, 2010

m's birthday dinner

we went to Yumi on street 288.  it's a japanese fusion sort of place with a great contemporary vibe.  we had been once before, but we realized last week that it is one of the top five places we love for eating here in the penh.

we ordered white wine which was nice.  our order was pretty much the usual, but with a few newbies thrown in for fun.  pumpkin gyozas, yumi ribs, green bean and lotus root salad, and beek tataki.  wow!  the ribs are most likely the best piece of pork in the city.  they are so tender one can use chopsticks to eat them.  the meat falls off the bone.  the flavor is tangy and punchy.  we love them.  the pumpkin gyozas are unique.  they are dribbled with soy sauce, but the insides are kind of sweet and cinnamony.  we had a second order for dessert b/c they are just THAT good.  they remind me of asian pumpkin pie, if that is even possible.  :)  the salad was good too.  crispy and had really good flavor.  i liked the mix of textures that were in it.  the beef tataki was citrusy and well presented.  the beef was tender and juicy.

all in all, it was great meal and i loved that it felt like a great fit for my birthday.  love YUMI!

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